Female Manicure  – 700₽

Female Machine Manicure  – 1000₽

Male Manicure   – 1000₽

Children’s Manicure   – 500₽

Brazilian Manicure  – 1100₽

Nail Grinding and Polishing  – 200₽

IBX Nail Strengthening System with Covering  – 600₽

IBX Nail Strengthening System without Covering  – 800₽


CND SHELLAC Application (hands) – 1500₽

CND SHELLAC French Manicure Application (hands)  – 1700₽

CND SHELLAC Application (toes)  – 1600₽

CND SHELLAC French Manicure Application (toes)  – 1800₽

ARTISTIC Application (hands)  – 1100₽

ARTISTIC French Manicure Application (hands)  – 1500₽

ARTISTIC Application (toes)  – 1200₽

ARTISTIC French Manicure Application (toes)  – 1600₽

Vinylux Application  – 450₽

Vinylux French Manicure Application  – 650₽

Easy Nail Design for per Nail  – from 50₽

Complicated Nail Design for per Nail  – from 250₽


Classic Pedicure (male) – 1800₽

Classic Pedicure (female) – 1400₽

Machine Pedicure (male) – 2100₽

Machine Pedicure (female) – 1800₽

Japanese Pedicure (male) – 2100₽

Japanese Pedicure (female) – 1800₽

Combined Pedicure (male) – 2100₽

Combined Pedicure (female) – 1800₽

Soft Feet Care Scrub with Bamboo and Jojoba 350₽


Female Pedicure  (женский)  – 2500₽

Male Pedicure  (женский)  – 3000₽


Nail Filing  – 30₽

Medical Polish Application  – 150₽

Repair of Natural Nails (per nail)  – 100₽

Extra Quick Polish Drying Drops  – 100₽

Hand Massage  – 300₽

Foot Massage  – 400₽

Paraffin Treatment for Hands / Feet  – 400₽

Soft Feet Care Scrub with Bamboo and Jojoba  – 350₽

Nail Product Removal and Correction of Extension

Polish Removal – 100₽

Shellac Removal  – 250₽

Nail Product Removal Made Not by our Studio  – 500₽

Gel Nail Extension Removal – 1000₽


Residents of Moscow can do manicure at Oktyabrskaya station in a modern beauty salon. Only here nail master will offer you the most diverse services:

  • Classic Manicure and Pedicure;
  • Japanese Nail Art Design;
  • Different ART Nail Coverings.

Every woman enjoys nail service. With well-groomed nails you’ll always make impression of a neat woman who takes care of herself. Such nails will attract attention and look stunning.

If you’ll decide to do manicure at Oktyabrskaya station, take a note of our spa treatments for hand skin and nail plate. We not only make you a real beauty in our salon but take care of your health. We use products with a worldwide reputation from such manufacturers as: Gehwol, Creative Nail Design (CND), Color Gloss, Bio Creative Labs (BCL).

Besides all these benefits of our beauty salon at Oktyabrskaya metro station, we held here the best training courses in Russia for manicure and pedicure masters.

For those who take care of beauty and health of their hair ‘Muse of Moscow’ specialists can offer different complexes of procedures and spa programs for nutrition and hair-repair from world’s leading brands: J Beverly Hills, Lebel, Egomania, Henna Moran Professional.

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